One of my least explored aspect thus far, but far from least important. This is my actual career focus. My first taste if web design came about with my former radio show, It was a great chance to slowly immerse myself within the design field.
From there I've had the chance to create several sites, among them was one for a club I ran called 'Pop' (sorry, it's no longer online). I also created one for my grandmother, an artist who was from Northern California. Though she sadly passed this year, I will continue to update her site,

One of my inspirations and desires is to create something that looks 'real' while being fully functional. An example would be having a photo of a museum where all the windows and doors act as links to various parts of the collection.

A few examples of my work for the site are below. In each one I attempted to create a link system that was unique without being cumberson or confusing....hope you agree.

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