It's simple really.

I've always considered myself artistic without the actual ability, just someone with a good eye. I could always tell what was nice, good, pleasing, but had trouble translating that to an actual physical presence. My good fortune to have a grandmother with an abundance of talent, in fact, she was a well respected artist in her region and a tremendous influence.

The site here, presently brief, is an attempt to display some of that vision and influence. Enjoy the site and let me know if you have any thoughts.

As for those personal details...

B.A. History, California State University; Long Beach 1999

Macross (original Japanese movie),the works of Hayao Miyazaki (favorites:Totoro, Nausicaa & Kiki), The Avatar, Last Exile,
Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin), Akira, F.L.C.L.

Lone Wolf & Cub (Kazuo Koike & Goseki Kojima)
Cerebus (Dave Sim)
& What's Michael? (Makoto Kobayashi)

Ukiyoe artists such as Yoshitoshi and Utamaro

and some favorites......

Haruki Murakami for his eclectic take on how reality and insanity intermingle
The Elephant Vanishes (especially the story 'On Seeing The 100% Perfect Girl On Beautiful April Morning'), Hard Boiled Wonderland & A Wild Sheep Chase

book - The Autobiography Of Malcolm X. I decided to read this before Spike Lee's movie came out, to get the real story. What I discovered was a man that spoke to me without having racial or religious convictions in common. I've grown to hold a great amount of respect and for Malcolm X and shows what an open mind can achieve.

book - Into The Forest by Jean Hegland. This was reccomended by my grandmother. perhaps it was the joy of reading this that helped bring us closer in tough times.

The Shawshank Redemption
In Bruges
Ghost Dog; The Way Of The Samurai
The Professional (Leon)
Dances With Wolves
Field Of Dreams
Dancer In The Dark
The Seven Samurai
Kung Fu Hustle
Shacha Baron Cohen characters/inventions such as Borat, Ali G and Bruno

Breaking Bad
Roc (80's show)
Generation Kill
Crazy Japanese game shows....MXC (Takeshi's Castle), Unbeatable Banzuke & Ninja Warrior)
The Wire

Sports:soccer (L.A. Galaxy), basketball (L.A. Clippers) & baseball (Anaheim Angels) home  
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